Q1 delete musesounds?

• Sep 23, 2023 - 21:33

Chromebook/Linux i5 8gig
I downloaded musehub and then many of musesounds. Unfortunately musehub and sounds were too much for my system. I then deleted musehub and that solved most of the problem. When playback is used sometimes I get a lot of 'hop, skip, jump and kkkrrrzzz'. I want to just go back and use msbasic sounds. Not as good, but things functioned much better. Any help...thoughts?


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You can indeed delete the individual sounds from Muse Hub. Do this by holding Alt while clicking the checkbox for the sound. Except, on Chromebook this won't quite work, because the Alt+click means something else, but there is a little trick I figured out. With Muse Hub running, use Alt+Tab to switch to another window, then Alt+Tab again to return to Muse Hub. Now all the checkboxes with be trash cans, and a single click will delete. You'll need to do that one at a time.

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Remember I have deleted musehub. Can I just download musehub again and still delete the sounds with your guide instructions?

I have tried changing 'some' sounds back to msbasic. Sometimes playback is fine....elsewhere terrible. I now think it is a large score that is overwhelming my system, all along.(besides dynamics are not the same between msbasic and muse sounds, no way to get any idea what something sounds like) Thanks for the help

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Yes, that will work.

And yes, Muse Sounds are more resource-intensive than soundfonts, and a lower-powered Chromebook might struggle. Also, may need to set your device sample rate to 44.1 kHz for best results. In another thread I described a bit about how to do that on a Chromebook - unfortunately it's not built into ChromeOS so you need to install a separate Linux utility for that, and run it every time you start up Linux. I'm not sure if there is an easy to make this happen automatically.

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