Muse Hub unclear

• Sep 25, 2023 - 11:15

Linux Mint 21 (Cinnamon)
I downloaded MuseHub, but it's not quite clear how everything is supposed to work.
The Brass section eg doesn't download properly; it's been hanging in the download for two days.
Also, I don't see the Effects section that is mentioned in the video

Futhermore, where does one get soundfonts for this?
I see I have FluidR3_GM in my Soundfonts, but they have always been there? Or I don't remember how I got them there and from where.
IOW I'm afraid I know nothing about VST-instruments and the likes..


Seems like musehub's problem
I haven't used musehub, but Soundfont(FluidR3_GM), VST, MuseSounds(MuseHub) are 3 different technologies, pls see playback chapters
You may get more input regarding sound issues if repost at Playback forum or the General forum, also try search function
The plugin forum here gathers coders to chat about musescore plugin.

If i were you, i would install "Muse Sounds Manager" , from - at the very end of the page. This does not start a completely insecure service on your system.
VST's (effects and instruments) do not work on the official Linux build..
After installing the first thing to do is:
check Muse sampler: Diagnostics - Muse Sampler - Check Muse Sampler.
This should report: Muse Sampler library is detected, version XXX

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Depending on your configuration, MS looks for the sampler library under
But it can also be under
(On my system, this path did not exist. I had to create it myself)
Look in the logfile where MS looks for it ( ~/.local/share/MuseScore/MuseScore4/logs/ ) or start from command line.
You should have something like
21:50:40.640 | ERROR | main_thread | MuseSamplerLibHandler | MuseSamplerLibHandler:
Unable to open MuseSampler library, path:

(or as mentionned above /usr/lib/ )

Perhaps do a search on your system for
If you find it, copy it to the desired location.
If not, the library is initially downloaded to
/srv/muse-hub/downloads/Installers/something/ (=latest version)
You should be able to extract it from there and copy it to the location MS looks for it.
if success , the Diagnostics should report version 0.4.2

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