Score plays too slowly, all instruments seem to have dropped an octave

• Sep 26, 2023 - 21:50

Doing an arrangement for brass band. I was working in Musecore3 and noticed there were better part editing tools in musecore4. when I last closed out of 3, i had slowed the tempo down using the slider in the "Play Panel" and saved it in that state. I opened and edited the score a bit after upgrading to musescore4 but when i go to play it, it is slow (even though it says its playing at quarternote =170, it feels more like =60) also, the trumpets sound like trombones the horn sounds like a tuba, and the tuba sounds like its underwater. The audio for 3 was working and sounding fine. Unfortunately i saved the 4 file over the 3 file, so i cant go back. Musically, the score is fine, i just cant listen to a realistic version of the work anymore. any fix for this?

(i just created a test score with brass instruments and it sounds just fine in the new score)


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