Help navigating the score

• Sep 27, 2023 - 15:48


I'd need some help on how to configure and or how to use the software in order to make navigating the score in MuseScore 4 less painful than it is now.

I set view to "Page view" and zoom to "whole page", to see one page per screen. So far so good, but when I hit PageUp or PageDown expecting to advance or go back one page, the view moves randomly left or right, in a way that I never see a whole page but rather parts of two different pages. That means that every time I want to turn a page I need to do it manually with the mouse.

I'm working on a piece for large ensemble with many staves per system, one system with eight or ten seconds of music per page. I'm constantly turning pages, and I find this behavior very inconvenient. I fail to understand the underlying logic, in every program that I ever used, setting page view and zoom to whole page, PageUp or PageDown simply advances or goes back one page.

Am I missing something? How can I make MS navigate pages normally?


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