How to remap drum sountfont?

• Sep 28, 2023 - 15:54

I wanted to use this ( soundfont - but the notation is all out of whack! To get a kick drum, I have to input a ride bell - to get a snare, I have to input a ride cymbal, so on and so forth. Is there a way to remap a soundfont such that the samples are assigned to the correct notes on the staff?


> edit soundfont
edit the pitches. pls see

> what values to assign
create new a drum staff in musescore, click Edit Drumset, the "no." column is the soundfont's pitches referrred, pls see


If you're entering a new drum score, you could do the alternative: in musescore, use the soundfont, then edit the staff "Edit Drumset" to suit the soundfont first, then enter drum notations. This staff is customized to suit the custom soundfont now and does not create correct audio if switch back to the built-in soundfont.

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