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• Oct 5, 2023 - 01:13

Somehow ended up with strange layout of this soprano, alto, tenor, bass chorale. Is there an expert way to get it into chorus format with separate staff for each voice? I know I can just set up a new one and copy the parts into it. Or even a treble and bass staffs with soprano/alto and tenor/bass would do nicely.

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First, I'd look at the top staff and change the dotted-crotchet plus two quaver rests to a minim rest and quaver rest to match the other staves.

Click on the Instruments tab, add a bass staff to the top, single piano staff.

Click on an empty part of the first bar, top staff and press [Ctrl][Shift][End]. Goto the menu and choose Tools >Explode.

Now select each staff in turn, right-click >Stave/Part properties, click on Replace Instrument and change to the voices that you want.

Or to get four separate staves. If this is MU4:
Hit "I" and add an alto part under the top piano part. Then select the entire top line and Explode. Hit "I" again and add a tenor line and a bass line. C+P what will be the tenor line to the new staff. And the same with the bass part. Hit "I" and select and delete the piano part you just copied. In the score, open the instruments tab on the left. Or select it from "View" and change Piano To Soprano.

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Thanks. Works great.
Part of what I'm doing is recording each voice which doesn't work in chorale form because, for example, both notes in the treble clef are in voice 1. I find it impossible to select just the top voice, for instance, using the mouse in order to delete it just for recording purposes. I could go through and change each note in the lower voice to voice 3 but that's a huge pita.
Guess I should offer this as a separate request... will do. Thanks again.

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Hit on a simpler way. I exported it to midi then opened the midi with an old Sonar program. Problem solved pretty much. My purpose was just to record each voice separately. If I wanted to get back to muse4 I would save the cleaned up, 4 instrument score to midi with Sonar and open with Muse4.

I did discover that if chords are part of the score then muse4 includes a guitar track playing the chords in the exported midi. Pretty interesting.


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