Changing instruements in Mixer

• Oct 19, 2023 - 15:24

I asked about this in the Support and Bugs request part of the forum and received no answers. So I'll make a request for future versions. Musescore 4 made a huge improvement in changing instruments in the Mixer. However, it is still time-consuming to make many changes. Is there a way to quickly make an instrument change in the Musesounds menu without having to scroll through the sub-menus to make the selection? For example, is there a way to assign the oboe sound to a "hotkey" or some other quick mechanism? Perhaps there could be a way of making a set of instruments on the Mixer, giving them a name, and then superimposing them on the Mixer with one command. That would speed up the process quite effectively.

Preset layouts:

Also, I often use one of your preset score layouts such as the one of the orchestra layouts. Then, when I want to listen to one part, such as the oboe part, I like to play it back slowly as a "soft piano" sound so that I can hear the intervals more clearly. Also, if I want to playback the Strings section, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, I can hear the chord progressions more clearly if I temporarily convert those sounds to a piano sound and more easily detect a clashing note. Then, when I want to restore each of the string sounds, I must do it one at a time. It would be nice to be able to create more than one set of sounds which could be superimposed over the score. I hope I have expressed this clearly. Thanks for all your dedicated good work.


As you know, there are no developers on these forums. Just users like yourself. We all try to help each other. There is no obligation to answer anything. Your request seems simple enough to you. But probably difficult to realize. Especially in sight of the many other things that need to be fixed.

Everyone wants a quicker way to do everything. I do get it.

Personally, I use notation software to compose. I get that there are those who need to be able to do things quickly because time is money. But for my use, I go slow. Every note is important. I choose each one and place it in just the spot I want. If I write notes that clash, it is on purpose. If I want to hear the strings by themselves, I can do that easy enough. I wrote the notes to be played by strings, not piano. Piano tells me nothing. The sound and blend is totally different.

My composing days predate computers. So just being able to hear a reasonable facsimile of my music as it happens is a miracle.

Also, I seem to be the resident grumpy old man. So there's that. Hopefully, someone will have a better answer for you.

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