Good VST3S for Muse 4?

• Oct 29, 2023 - 22:06

I'm trying to look for good vsts for musescore but I can't find any. Anyone got links/recommendation for vsts?


I mainly write for battery so keep this in mind. I have been using Musescore drumline for about 3 years and i hate how i wasn't able to move it to MS4 since it looked so new and updated. I purchased finale (idk if this was a good choice) it's really hard and difficult to write without a MIDI keyboard which is a problem MS avoids, but i found that the garritan fonts work really well with MS4, everything sounds a lot more in person and realistic. Garritan sounds somewhat good considering it's price in my opinion

I only really use VSTs for organ cause 1) there is no church organ or anything close to it in Muse Sounds and 2) Soundfonts just don't cut it for organ. I use SINEfactory Crucible whenever I want an organ sound in MuseScore. I generally set it to Full Sustains and Pedals 8va Sustains. It's loud though, so unless it's a solo piece, I set the volume to -4 in the mixer so that it doesn't overwhelm everything else.

VST link:

And video of what it sounds like in a Bach piece:

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