Score crashing to the point I can't even work on it, why is this happening?

• Nov 3, 2023 - 06:27

It was going all well and good with this opera score I've been working on, until yesterday when it started crashing repeatedly. Yesterday, I could work on it a bit a least, but I really wanted to get more of it done. I checked hard drive space, that's not the problem. I tried exporting MusicXML and opening it in MS3 to see if it was corrupt, I didn't see a corruption alert, although as usual for MusicXML export, I saw way, way more breaks than necessary and the section breaks were put in as page breaks instead.

I don't think it's instrument related cause it happened last night with both the voices and the cellos and it's happening now with the cellos. That plus the fact that I'm not using any VSTs or soundfonts, it's all Muse Sounds. And I have not been able to find a single consistent trigger for the crash. Except that it only happens when I'm editing the score(which I am trying to do cause I'm nowhere near finished with this opera and I'm starting to feel the pressure to get this done).

If I just open the score to view it, everything's fine. But then, when I go to edit it, at some point in that edit process, it crashes and I lose whatever I put in before I'm even able to save it. And, this is not even my largest MS4 score, I have Bach cantata scores larger than this opera score is right now in terms of file size, and I have Beethoven symphony scores that are just slightly smaller in file size than this is and none of them are crashing, but this opera score is crashing.

My OS is Windows 10 and MuseScore version is 4.1.1 if that helps at all.


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Uh, cause Muse Sounds? I hate the MS Basic sound now that I know how great Muse Sounds is. Plus, MS3 is just so much slower to load than MS4 is. And my computer is at the bare minimum for MS4. 4 cores, 8 GB of memory.

Not only that, but the VST support also, I need that to get an actually good organ sound for Bach scores. And I've already uploaded around 80 Mozart scores with Muse Sounds audio, so yeah, can't really turn back now.

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