Can't change cue size for clef

• Nov 7, 2023 - 16:17

I have a couple of measure of cue notes from a different instrument/voice in a different clef (treble). In the following measure when I am writing again without cue size and in Bass clef again I can't change the Bass clef to normal size. The bass clef is of couse located before the barline, inside the cue notes measure, but when I uncheck 'cue size' for the highlighted clef it does nothing.


I'm experiencing the same issue. Does seem like buggy behavior; the default smaller clef is appropriate, but since this is governed by an active, checked Cue size box which allows unchecking, unchecking it should resize the element or at very lease throw an error message (or be grayed out to begin with).

There's a workaround for my use case using the master size setting for small clefs: Format >Style >Sizes, set Small clef size to 100%. But if course this means that any actual change/courtesy/cue clefs will be oversized. (Not a problem for me because I'm just hacking an early music incipit onto the front of my first system, so the "cue" clef is replacing my first staff clef and I only need the one.)

Another supremely hacky workaround would be to use a text tool: Properties>Insert special characters>Musical symbols>Clefs, resize with font size and place manually. Ew.

MuseScore is not doing anything wrong in this context - [EDIT] except allowing the Cue Size checkbox for a clef to toggle with no effect. The checkbox should be fixed as Cue Size for a mid-system clef change.

By convention, only the clef at the start of a system is full-size. All other clef markings are cue size (including a courtesy clef change at the end of the system):

For a reference, see Elaine Gould's music notation handbook "Behind Bars", pages 7-9 Changing clef..

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