Refactored Keyboard Diagrams

• Nov 13, 2023 - 01:24

Hey I refactored the original Piano Keyboard Diagrams. There was a lot of extra code that wasn't needed. I also put it on github so others can contribute. Feel free to check it out and post your comments. PRs welcome.


Hello Pearcec,
Nice job !
Thank you for simplifying the code (I was trying to do it on my own, but my knowledge of qml is very limited, which is why I opted for javascript).
Could you tell me what country you are from?

Hello Christian Pearce!
I really like the reference to C indicated above the diagram, excellent idea!

I spent around fifty hours trying to ensure that by selecting a group of notes (not necessarily a chord), the plugin would be able to generate the corresponding diagram. Example: a C E G B arpeggio, when selected, gives the same result as a [C E G B] chord, that is to say a single diagram.
It would be even more awesome if it was possible to select multiple notes on both staves (left hand and right hand).
Imagine that thanks to this, learning scales would be greatly facilitated. As are certain pieces such as Bach's C major prelude.
I even tried in vain to make sure that the notes played by the left hand were represented by another color... but Musescore doesn't seem to like it when we choose two colors in the same text...
An other idea ? The initial version of the plugin allowed inversions to be generated. I had the idea of ​​adding the drops... I was planning to use them for learning jazz fingerings.
A little last one? Another thing beyond my skills in qml: I said to myself that it would not be bad to note the fingerings indicated on the notes themselves below or above each key in the diagram...

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