VST3: Ujam instrument - any success from anyone?

• Nov 25, 2023 - 08:15

Musescore can play sounds from not a few number of big brands, e.g. Spitefire, Steinberg... - I am so impressed.

There's one that doesn't work: Ujam.

Is it just me?

I also notice MuseScore can find some, but not all of my Ujam instruments. Interesting. I mean, my Ujam instruments are in one same folder and they can all be opened/ play inside my DAW. But MuseScore can detect and list only some of them, in the mixer page. I remember Ujam got some NKS update for some but not all of its product... I have Zero idea if that is technically related- maybe that's a totally unrelated issue.

Mainly, I''m wondering, how come Ujam sounds can't get through? My MuseScore program simply quits/ closes/ shuts down automatically - when Ujam instrument UI tries to open.

Anyone have any keywords about why Ujam sounds can't get through, and certain instruments simply are not listed/ detected?

... Or just~ tell~ me~ you can get Ujam to work in MuseScore :))))


I have the same problem, except that Musecore doesn't recognise any of my Ujam plugins. Which are guitars. It means I can't have rhythm guitar or picking in my score. Which means Musescore is still not viable as an alternative to the hated Sibelius.

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O... Poor Sibelius got dragged into this :P I don't know Sibelius.

I just checked. Yes, no picking guitar from UJAM can work in MuseScore. I mean, it shows up in a list but after I click to open, MuseScore auto-quits. Just in case you don't know - the free Dorico SE works, for both rhythm and picking guitars. One guitar showed up automatically while another... I clicked round and noticed that another one was blocked, as a vst. I had to manually unblocked it, somewhere... inside Dorico SE, like in preference or setting that kind of common places- in case that helps :)

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