Wrong key signature

• Nov 27, 2023 - 20:14

When I start a new score and choose one flat, it keeps on giving me one sharp. I have started 3 new scores and it happens every time. How do I fix this?


Sounds like you are creating a score for a transposed B-flat instrument. The selected key signature in the wizard is the key signature for "untransposed" (concert pitch), hence why one flat changes to one sharp for display in the B-flat instrument.

At the bottom of the window you can enable/disable concert pitch, to see the 1 flat or 1 sharp key signature.

If you need one flat for the b-flat instrument, you need to select three flats in the wizard.

If you start a score for a Bb instrument and select one flat, yes MuseScore will transpose that part to one sharp. Because that is what you asked it to do. Believe it or not. Key signature should always be thought of in terms of Concert key. Select the Concert key box at the bottom of the screen and the key will change.

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