How to maintain more than one file open at the same time in MuseScore 4

• Nov 28, 2023 - 06:41

In Muse Score 3 I was able to have several files of songs open at the same time. Is this possible with Muse Score 4?


You can have many files open on Musescore 4 on one computer, however the difference from Musescore 3 is that they will be open in separate windows. You cannot currently open more that one file in one window.

For what it’s worth. I’m a Mac user and I’m still on MS 3 because of this issue. I’m a jazz pianist, I use MuseScore mainly for writing out transcriptions/scores. With MS 3 I can have multiple tabs with different versions of the same tune open so I can copy and paste between them/ revert back easily to a previous version and also work on different tunes at the same time. Quality of sound of playback isn’t much of a problem to me. What is much more irritating is the lag inputting notes between pressing a key on the keyboard and hearing the note - one of the other reasons I gave up on MS 4.

The way I figure it is thatMuseScore 3 is like a word processor, It would be weird to have four copies of Word open just to work on four documents. MuseScore 4 is more equivalent to a Music/ Media Player app. You wouldn’t expect one of those to play two tunes at the same time.

If I’ve understood correctly, the reason for the weird behaviour on a Mac of MS 4 having multiple version of the app open at the same time it’s because MuseScore 4 focus is much more on music production than notation per se. I really miss the notation improvements of MS 4. It’s annoying to feel I’m missing out on them - and whatever improvements may come in the future - but it’s a free program and I’m not going to complain.

Question. I don’t use Sibelius - I used to use Finale in the dim and distant past. I read in a a post here that the Mac version of Sibelius’ behaviour is similar to MS4, i.e that having two Sibelius files open at the same time requires two copies of the application open. I’ve read Sibelius documentation but can’t find if that is the case. Can any Sibelius users confirm this?

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