I cannot save and it sucks

• Nov 28, 2023 - 22:28

"Your score could not be saved"
"An unknown error occurred while saving this file."
How do I fix this?


I had the same issue. Go to Home (below File), click your account, and sign out. Then sign back in. That fixed it for me.

Devs, this the diagnostic dump:

2023-11-28T19:14:34.798 | ERROR | main_thread | NetworkManager | execRequest: [503] Host requires authentication
2023-11-28T19:14:34.805 | ERROR | main_thread | ProjectActionsController | saveProjectToCloud: Failed to download up-to-date score info for QVariant(QUrl, QUrl("https://musescore.com/user/${userId}/scores/${scoreId}")) ; falling back to last known name and visibility setting, namely "${scoreName}" and 2
2023-11-28T19:14:35.016 | INFO | main_thread | NotationProject | doSave: success save file: "${path}"

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