Muse hub doesn't install Musescore 4

• Nov 30, 2023 - 09:13

I had problems with musescore sounds so I decided to reinstall everything.

I uninstalled both Musescore and Muse hub, restarted the computer and downloaded muse hub fresh.

Muse hub starts normally and downloads Musescore 4, but is then stuck "Installing MuseScore". There is no error message, everything seems normal - it just never gets anywhere. I'm running on Windows 10 Pro.


I tried installing Musescore separately by downloading the install file without Muse hub. Musescore 4 worked but Muse sounds didn't.

I decided to take more drastic measures, inspired by this comment: I again uninstalled everything, but also deleted all muse -related files in AppData folder. I also deleted every registry with the word "muse" in it. I actually deleted everything muse/musescore related on my computer I could find. After restarting the computer I downloaded and installed Muse hub and installed Musescore 4 via Muse hub. This time it worked!

Sadly this doesn't help with the sound problems - I'm still unable to use muse sounds.

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