Copyright for an arrangement

• Dec 1, 2023 - 18:38

I have created an original arrangement (piano solo) of a song originally written and sung by Jimmie Rodgers and copyrighted in 1933 (and so not yet in the public domain). I can find no sheet music on line for this piece other than a collection of his songs with only the melody line. My arrangement is loosely based on a version sung and recorded by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Am I supposed to put the copyright for the original song on the bottom of each page, along with the original copyright holder (Peer International)? I have given Mary Chapin Carpenter attribution, but is there any need to show her as a copyright holder as well?


IANAL, but my understanding that copyright text is just for information to the reader. the actual copyright is valid regardless of whether it is explicitly mentioned or not.

But I might be wrong. Here is the wikipedia article on copyright notice.

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