• Dec 2, 2023 - 22:21

There's no synthesizer on MScore4? Which's the way to access it?
Or, better...
where i find out an executable version 2 for download.

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Correct, No synthesizer in MU4. Now things are done differently. What are you trying to do? If you are trying to access different fonts, that is done in the mixer. Have you checked the Manual

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Create sf2 or sf3 fonts with Polyphone. Place them in the Soundfonts folder in your MuseScore4 folder. Create a test score and open the mixer. Mouse over the right side of the sound name at the top of the channel you want to change. Select the down arrow that appears. Scroll over "Soundfonts" and select your font.

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> In my opinion, some things should never change :)
Don't say that, but they have to be improvements and enhancements - not regressions.
Many users therefore still work with MuS 3.6.2 for important tasks.

But I think many things are still on the roadmap to be implemented in MuS 4; the synthesizer unfortunately not. Some functions are still there, but e.g. the important possibility to change the basic tuning of the concert pitch A (440Hz), unfortunately not. At least as far as I know...

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Well sure, people need to use the version that has the features they need.

Personally, the important task for which I use MU4 is composition. To that end there is nothing that is a regression to me. Is it perfect? Not in the least. What has replaced the synthesizer is an improvement to me. I don't need to change pitch. I almost never used the Save button, or the screenshot function.

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