Technical Issues

• Dec 3, 2023 - 20:59

I can't use musescore all of the sudden. My computer ran Musescore 4 perfectly fine until just this week. Whenever I open a score it is fine until I try to move the score around or try to input notes. It lags uncontrolably and I cannot accurately input notes. My mouse freezes at indeterminate times and unpredictably. I try to put an A down and I end up 2 octaves above or below it cause the curser freezes and then jumps randomly. This is extremely frustrating as I've not had any issues previously and now It's an usable program. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it


I've found that using it in a smaller window works. But my computer isn't anywhere near maxed out. So I'm not sure what's going on.

Your computer system needs either more memory, a faster processor or both. Musescore 4 needs a lot of memory to function. You may have the minimum required memory but that is not enough. Close programs and services that you're not using to free up some memory. Perhaps there's a program running that's also using a lot of resources.

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It ran completely fine before this past week. I have more memory than needed. I've used task manager to look at the specs and usage while using musescore and it hasn't capped or run high. I usually close everything and stop background programs when I use musescore but I haven't found anything that works.

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Try scanning for viruses on your system. Also check out the system temperature. Sometimes a lot of dust and gunk will reduce air flow, heating up your processor until it bogs down when faced with graphics intensive stuff. Unplug it, open it up and take a look. If there's dust and dirt, vacuum it out. Check the operation of your CPU fan and also the fan(s) on the case if you have any. If they're slow or stopped, you may have an heat issue.

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There's no issue with the fans. It's a glass case so i can see their speeds and they arent dirty or any obstructions. I bought the PC about 4 months ago specifically for musescore , so it's quite heartbreaking not being able to use it. I have a program that shows me the Temps of all my hardware and nothings overheating. I will do a scan for viruses and open it and visually inspect it again. Thank you for your help and fingers crossed I can figure it out!

Solved it. I'm literally just an idiot and the computer wasnt getting enough power. Program is working perfect now. Thanks for everyone's help!!!

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