unison horns sound as one horn

• Dec 4, 2023 - 17:37

Is there any feature in Musescore which can make for example, 4 trumpets playing a unison line sound like a complete trumpet section? As it currently is, when I try this it just sounds like one trumpet, only louder.


Hi . For "louder" it's because the instruments wutih unison, in a computer, sound with exactly the same "phase" . In the real life, it is not the same................when I have that, I correct the others instruments, in reducing velocity, or, in adding an articulation, or in muting them (inspector and uncheck "lecture" )
For correct........I don't know if it is possible to modifie the phase of the others instruments.....

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Thanks, I did volume adjustments already. I was hoping I could here the unison parts as a trpt soli as in a live context. Sessions horns pro has the ability to adjust saturation levels. I will try different amounts on each horn once I export the midi from Musescore.
Maybe that will create some separation.

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