Playback not working for large ensembles in MuseScore 4

• Dec 11, 2023 - 00:18

I just got MuseScore 4 and I've been running into issues with playback. I can play back a piece for a solo instrument or small ensemble with no issue, but when I attempt to play back a piece for a large ensemble (think a normal-sized symphony orchestra) no audio plays whatsoever and no levels appear in the mixer. The playback cursor still moves as normal and I can still export the piece as audio and listen to it. I've turned up my audio buffer to 4096 but this did not solve the issue. A concern is that my laptop only has a 2-core processor; would this cause audio to not play outright?


Go to the bottom of the download page and see the specs needed to run MU4. It can sort of run on less, but many settings need to adjusted. There is a how to in the support section.

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