Exporting to DAWs

• Dec 12, 2023 - 19:50

I'm in the process of exporting a large file to a WAV file to be imported into a DAW. I use Cakewalk. In order to work with audio files in such aa DAW, is it best to export Musescore files into WAV files or is it just as good to export them as MP3s? I want to be able to apply volume changes and effects to these files to create the best possible recordings. It takes a long time to export to a WAV file and the files are quite large.

Is there an easier DAW to use with Musescore than Caklewalk? I don't want to spend a lot of money if I don't have to. Also, is there a possibility that in a future version, Musescore will have it's own DAW? If so, when might that happen?


Yes, WAV files are uncompressed and therefore large. There is always going to be some (but maybe imperceptible) degradation with compressed formats such as mp3. The best format depends a lot on how much editing you need to do and what you intend to do with the audio file after any editing. If money is an issue, have you tried the free Audicity software to see if it will meet your needs?

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Thanks for your reply. I do use Audacity for some things. Cakewalk is also a free program now and it does have additional capabilities. I will probably make mp3 files and do a comparison using both formats. I was hoping someone had already done such a comparison and could comment on what they found.

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