.mxl bongos play as note

• Dec 22, 2023 - 00:15

I always listen to my .mxl before I upload it to the postprocessor. This time, and I don't remember encountering this issue before, the bongos play as notes on the .mxl, but sound fine as bongos on the MP3. I don't want to send it up the line if they are supposed to sound as bongos on the .mxl.

Could one of you fine wizards determine if my .mxl is playing correctly? And if it's not, do you have a solution?

Thanks very much in advance! <3

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OK, if I open that mscz, export it as mxl and import that indeed the bongos sound like violins
Same happens with .musicxml (unsurprisingly, it'd be a rather bad bug if that would beghave differently)

In 4.2 that is, 3.6.2 does import both with bongo sound! So there's a bug in MusicXML import on 4.2 (maybe earlier in 4.x too), please report that on GitHub, https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/issues/new/choose

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Thanks, everyone. It's going into an HTML that will be uploaded to Project Gutenberg. The MP3 file sounds fine. Most people will listen to that. A few may want to upload the ,mxl to their own transcription software. By then, it will work or not work for them. They can replace it with their own program notes. Or not. I'll leave a Transcriber's Note to go with the file.

Ya'll da BEST! <3

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