401 error with cloud saving

• Dec 29, 2023 - 14:45

i saved my score to the cloud, but an icon came up, saying something about error 401. does anyone know what this means or how i can fix it?


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Search the Internet for "Error 401". There are a variety of explanations for the reason. Mainly it is the missing login, maybe also wrong username or password (can be case-sensitive). The service could also be temporarily unavailable. Some people recommend logging out and logging in again.
Do you already have other scores saved in the cloud? Can you access them?

It is most likely not a problem with the MuseScore notation program!

Just a personal opinion here, but I think it makes sense:
Everybody its speciality.
MuseScore music notation, and Microsoft, Google, or another IT company cloud things.
Use MuseScore for music notation, and save locally.
To have cloud storage (with history, access anywhere,...) use OneDrive or equivalent from Google or Apple...

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Explicitly separate things.

musescore.org is about MuseScore Studio: the free, open-source, locally-installed music notation application. musescore.com is about the website where you can share scores created with this application.

While there is some kind of tenuous business connection between the two organizations, from our perspective (as users of either of the two sites), there is no practical connection. No one here at musescore.org can help with problems at musescore.com and no one there at musescore.com can help with anything here at musescore.org.

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