Observations about MuseScore 4.2's Guitar Bends

• Jan 15, 2024 - 21:29


UPDATE (2024-02-26)

I just noticed, not only do the guitar bends fail to play when I import my MS3 test score into MuseScore 4.2, neither do they play on .com in the uploaded 3.6.2 score, e.g. the embedded above.

For anyone following along, I've attached the 3.6.2 bend test score. All the bends play as expected here ... but only in MS 3.6.2

      MuseScore 3.6 Guitar Bends 02 Test.mscz

      You can hear the bends playing correctly in MuseScore 3.6 or 3.7

I would think all aspects if a score should import to newer versions of MuseScore, unfortunately I've seen other instances of ignored data, like note velocities and PRE Len values. I'm hoping legacy bends are not now in that category.

Original post

The following points are mentioned in the embedded MS 3.6. score:

In MuseScore 3 we could have up to 13 bend points
in the Inspector’s bend graph. And all bends were linear.

The embedded score is an MS3.6.2 score with nicely functioning with bends
But it appears they are completely nonfunctional in MS4.2 ... and in MS4.2 there's no way to design bends with their style level of detail.

In MuseScore 4.2 (unless I’m missing something)
we can have only two points. In Ms 3.6 clicking any
point on the graph added a point. Not so in MS4.2.

Linear bends are gone in MS4.

We have only Bezier bends, but they have no Bezier control
handles for attenuting the bend’s shape, which under good
use could approximate a linear bend.

In MS 4.2 the bend's shape is determine purely by the
distance between the control points.

And as mentioned at the outset, 3.6 bends do not import
to MuseScore 4.2

I'd love to be wrong on most of this!!



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