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• Jan 20, 2024 - 00:31

My whole folder of Musecore files is gone and they all disappeared on recent files too. I can't recall deleting them and they're just gone??? I mean forever ago I had deleted a copy of Musecore I had for some reason but I still had the files, now everything of muscore is gone.


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I know, pain, at the very least some of the projects actually cared about I sent as separate pdfs of instruments to people and sent videos to others, so really it'll just retake me hours of work, as half of files were just kinda pointless, I mean I hardly remember most. I am just really lucky my actual good projects are on guitar pro 8. But yeah anyways, I think I am just going to buy Sibelius or something that won't freak the fuck out, I distrust Musecore forever now, that and my computer. Thanks for trying to help though, appreciate it.

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"Things just don't disappear. What OS?"

Under some circumstances things can just disappear. Some years ago I had a work colleague you could "disappear" complete folders - without choosing "Delete'.

After watching this colleague for a while, it turned out that too-rapid dragging with the mouse was moving the entire folder so that it was then embedded as a sub-folder in the visually adjacent folder...

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The listed files that you see when you start MuseScore are just a list of links to your files to make it easier and quicker to access the most recently used scores.
This list can be deleted, but the files will remain.
Have you looked in your documents folder using your file manager? Or use "File open" (Ctrl+O resp. Cmd+O on Mac) and navigate to your score's folder.
Under Windows it is:


bobjp wrote: > Things just don't disappear. Which operating system?
Correct! And they don't disappear regardless of the operating system.

If you don't remember the title, why not just search for *.mscz files?

I agree with others, files just not disappear but I've experienced the same mentioned above that I unintentionally moved a folder. Then clicking the icon in MuseScore won't help.

By the way, I don't use the MuseScore online save option but automatically make numerous back ups, OneDrive because I'm using Microsoft, on three external SSDs and my RAID server. The "local" backup software scan my computer for changes and save changed files cyclically. At first on SSD1 and 10 minutes later a new scan and save on SSD2 and do on. It's not specifically set up for MuseScore but for my work and works fine. I've not lost any data/files for years.

However, any backup system is only as good as the user because if you don't regularly save your work, Ctrl+S, the file remains unchanged, hence nothing to backup.

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