A problem enterning a space in lyrics on Mac

• Jan 22, 2024 - 05:17

I am very new to MuseScore and this is my first post here, so my apologies if my question has an answer elsewhere, but I tried :)

According to Help (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/lyrics#special-characters), to enter a "special character" SPACE one needs to press "Alt–Space".
1) there is no "Alt" on Macs, it's a "Command" key, and
2) Command–space brings up a system dialog "Spotlight search".
So it seems there is no way to have a space in lyrics (:___.

Also, unlike in the documentation:
pressing "Command" / "-" to enter '-' (dash) has zero effect (enters nothing);
pressing "Command" / "" to enter '' (underscore) in fact enters a long dash character (an "em dash", or —).

I understand that changing the existing behavior might create tons of problems, but I would suggest at least to allow pasting arbitrary text (such as "a cat" or "bum-" ("mer")) without interpreting spaces or dashes but exactly as it is.

Thank you!

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