How do you get multiple repeats in Musescore 4? (triple repeats, quadruple repeats, etc.)

• Jan 24, 2024 - 12:20


I copied the .pdf score and put 2 voltas in the last two measures - (1,2,3) and then (4.)...the first to repeat the 2nd, 3rd verse, and the second to end the song after the 4th verse. I can get the first repeat, then the second goes through the first volta to the end. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I copied the voltas on the score. I'm sending both the .mscz file and the .pdf.
Thanks for your comments.

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Thank you for your reply. But I still only get one repeat for the 2nd verse, whereas the 3rd and 4th repeats don't work.

 I think I modified the  "play property of the measure containing the end repeat barline" or I don't understand what else I can do to "modify the play property" containing the end repeat barline..


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Hi HildeK,
I didn't change anything for measure 35, just clicked "right" on measure 34 to open "measure properties" and see where I needed to change the option "play count" from 2 to 4 (corresponding to my 4 repeat verses in the score.

   In the pop up window "measure properties"  for measure 35 I don't have the option of "play count"....I can't explain anything further than that. But I do have the song ending with measure 35 after repeating 3 times from Measure 34,  as it should.

Hope this helps

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