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• Jan 24, 2024 - 19:42

I use Musescore to write handbell music, and in version 3 I used text lines quite frequently for some very common handbell notation. Some of these features seem to be missing in version 4.

I have attached 3 examples, two from MS 3 and one from MS 4. I managed to find some of the missing settings in 4 under Format>Style>Text Styles>Text Line, but it doesn't completely solve my problems.

In my MS4 example, I want the actual line to go under the text to the beginning of measure 11, as it looks in my MS3 example 1 in measure 50. I used to be able to do this with the Inspector settings, but I have fiddled with every possible setting in MS4 under the Properties tab and I can't get it to do this. If I click and drag any of the little formatting boxes it just moves everything, not the line by itself.

I'm also concerned that I can't adjust every text line individually. In my arrangements I sometimes want individual text lines to have different alignments, as in my MS3 example 2 where I have the text centered rather than left-aligned (this is a bells used chart and is in literally every single piece of modern handbell music). Since alignment is now within the Style it will be set exactly the same for every instance of that text in the piece, which does not help me.

Does anyone know of workarounds or other settings I can use? I suppose a workaround for now would be to make a line and then add staff text separately and adjust them both independently. It was awfully convenient in MS3 to have it all within the same element though.

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