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• Jan 26, 2024 - 13:51

Tere are parts that are automatically generated, i.e. these cannot be deleted. In a score with 38 instruments, I first had e.g. Horn 1 - 4 in one part but that became difficult to read, so I duplicated the part and named one Horn 1 - 2 and another one Horn 3 - 4. These are now put at the end of the parts list. Is there a possibility to reorder this list because as it is now, it's difficult to see if they are all there. I've seen some postings about this, but they are very old so maybe this has eventually been solved.

OS: Windows 10 Version 2009 or later,
Arch.: x86_64,
MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.2.1-240230937,
revision: d757433

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Thanks but as far as I've seen, this only deals with the reordering of instruments in the score but not in the parts list. By the way, the link looks a little unusual when I click on it, see picture below. It's nothing I've seen before.

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Thanks, but the link opens the Table of Content (TOC)as before and it appears to be truncated.
It briefly shows another page for less of a second and so but then only the TOC.

Ba the way, I'm not a native speaking English either. I'm actually from Sweden living in Germany since a long time but I prefer writing in English because it's simpler and faster (in space engineering you only use English) .

The Instrument order in the score as well as under "Instruments" is correct but maybe it's because of my way to engrave the piece. However, under "Parts", the order is as shown in a previous snapshot.

In the attachment, I've provided a snippet of the music (compressed file), only 5 bars from around 500 but it should be sufficient to "play" with and show what my problem is.

This is actually my first attempt to use MuseScore as up to now I've only used Lilypond for larger symphonic pieces.

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The issue has been discussed in quite some postings over the years, but as I can see, there isn't really a consensus and possibly no solution. Reordering of instruments is clear and no problem invoicing the effect on the score layout but the list of parts sells to be fixed. At first the automatically generated parts and then the new parts on the order they are generated.

In my case with 38 instruments, I can only see all automatically generated parts if I scroll through the parts lists. If then the new parts, e.g for Horn I-II, and Horn III-IV, are placed at bottom of this list while the automatically generated Horn I-IV part (which cannot be deleted) remains where it was, it's difficult to keep an overview what parts exist.

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