Musescore app works but crashes every time I quit it

• Jan 28, 2024 - 03:59

This is not a terrible deal, and probably because the Musescore app is not Apple Silicon (and it's about time, don't you think?), but every single time I quit the app, I get one of those macOS crash logs.

Is anybody else experiencing this?


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In my case, I barely know Musescore. I started using it because I like doing MIDI mockups, and there's a lot of great content in the Musescore website from users that I can download, assign my own instruments, and turn it into a great sounding piece.

And opening the Musescore file allows me to see all the instruments and get a basic idea of the piece before I bring it into Cubase. It also allows me to export in several formats, which is great since I'm trying to learn music.

But at the same time, it's hard to use for pieces with a lot of instruments, especially if they're long as well. Not being Apple Silicon native makes it really slow, but I get a feeling that's not the only reason, since I have opened Cubase Pro 12 in Rosetta 2 mode and it works almost as fast as in native.

The first Apple Silicons Macs were released in 2020, we're in 2024. It seems about time this app should be Apple Silicon native. That it crashes every time I quit it is just an annoyance.

I have this same issue. Pasted my full crash report on this thread but got no replies as of now:

I was going to add that the app is also asking me for permissions to access files everyday. Not sure if the issue is related to me working my files on a onedrive folder that is always connected and sync'in but I don't remember having those error prior to update to 4.2.1... or maybe I was, don't remember...

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