how do I make solo part score without hiding empty staves?

• Feb 3, 2024 - 15:50

how do I make solo part score without set 'hide empty staves', since I want to leave other empty staves of my score?


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"Just leave the staves empty that you don't want to see and then hide them."

I don't think that it's as simple as that. The illustration shows that apart from this solo passage, the full score does display empty staves (see the string parts on the left-hand page)

The OP said:
" I'd like to insert solo part at the midst of the entire score, like a cadenza of piano concerto. but this affects whole measures (whole score), right? ... so I want to do like this...inserting solo part but with leaving empty parts in other measures."
And I think that means creating the piano solo part as a separate score, so that there is a PDF for only that section. The piano solo would need the measure numbering to be increased to follow on from the last measure number of the orchestral section. Then the full score would need to continue as a third separate score, with measure numbering and page numbering increased to allow for the insertion of the piano solo page(s).

Assembling three PDF files into a single PDF can easily be done with a free tool like PDFsam Basic:

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My interpretation of that picture is that the pages follow each other consecutively. There already is a three stave piano part on the full score (left) page. From the second bar after rehearsal mark 20 the piano is the only instrument shown playing. It continues on its own onto the next page and no other instruments are shown. You can also see that other instruments are not shown in systems when they are not playing. There are two systems on the first page. In first system you can see Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon above the piano. In the second system you can see the Flute is not playing and is not shown.

If empty systems are really needed to be shown for some non-playing instruments but not others then currently you need to resort to adding invisible text items in each empty measure that you want to be shown to trick Musescore into thinking the measure is not empty.

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I believe that Alice Oborozuka's wish can be fulfilled.
You have to put the system breaks and also page breaks in the right place so that the instruments that are to be hidden are all on the same page - here the piano solo part.
Staff texts that are to cancel the hiding of the line must be visible, otherwise it won't work. I would recommend a dot, if necessary you can reduce the font size to 1pt.

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