Posting 3.6.2 scores on MuseScore

• Feb 10, 2024 - 17:56

I frequently post scores on MuseScore. I use version 3.6.2 to write the scores. I do this because it is possible to write bends into the score on a variety of instruments and for them to play back successfully. However, if someone goes onto the site and tries to open these songs using MuseScore 4.x.x. the bends will not be played and the songs will sound terrible - badly out of tune!!!!. Is there something to alert people to notify that the song must be played in 3.6.2 and not 4. x.x.? I say this because I can readly open songs written in 3.6.2 in 4.2.1


A request to show the version of MuseScore a score was created with on has been made long ago and several times, to no avail.
Just mention the version in the comments when uploading.

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