With multiple voices, the vertical position of rests is semi-consistently inverted

• Feb 14, 2024 - 15:28

As in, if voice A is consistently above voice B, the rests automatically generated in voice A will be below the notes and automatically generated rests in voice B, and vice versa, most of the time. Pressing X has no effect, and they often resist dragging or reposition themselves to an unpredictable location after being let go.

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Unrelatedly but in the same short score, Musescore is playing the two tied notes across the border of bars 2-3 as two separate notes. First time this has happened to me. Deleting and remaking the tie hasn't worked. EDIT: continuing the work makes it happen for every tie across barlines.

EDIT: forget about this comment. I found another instance of voices positioned weirdly, but it turns out it simply didn't want to put the tuplet number INSIDE the staff.

Another example: bars 29 and 30 in this score.
Musescore defaults to putting voice 3 rhythmic slash notation above the staff, so voice 1 rests really shouldn't be sitting atop of it. Especially not if they're then going to push voice 3 rests down into the space where voice 1 rests should be, setting themselves in the midst of voice 3 slashes.

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