A Corrupted file

• Feb 15, 2024 - 10:26

Hi. please fix this bug.
after i turn off my laptop the file was corrupted
before i turn off my laptop i make sure that my piece is ok and saved.
then now. i cant open it i need it for sunday service please.
what should i do?

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You can click on "Show details" and find out what is wrong. And then you can click on "Open anyway" and correct the reported errors.
And you can attach your score here so that someone can look at it and possibly correct it.
But we can't do anything more with the screenshot ...

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You can try opening your file yourself using a hex editor program or an online service. If you did that, you would see that your file just consists of lots of zeros. - i.e. no data at all and certainty nothing that can be "fixed". So, no need to post here, really, unless you can identify a specific sequence of events that leads to the problem happening.

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