Changing musical text font under format/style not working properly

• Feb 16, 2024 - 05:09

Upon changing musical symbols and text font(s) under format/style, the musical text fonts do not properly change and almost all remain as Edwin or do not change properly. Scrolling down and checking the text styles menu shows that the styles are all still set to edwin, meaning the setting in the score section must not work properly (at least on my client on both my laptop and home computer). Is this intended, or should the setting under format/style/score for musical text font automatically change all fonts in the score?

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The tick box for the load style settings is linking the two fonts options, so that when you change one of them, the other is automatically changed as well.
To my knowledge it has never been that all existing text style update as well when changing this.
You can manually change these and then use it as a template.
Some of the default templates already have these settings in the text style set to match the score font.

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