A new harp notation challenge

• Feb 16, 2024 - 16:23

I’m working on a piece for our July summer concert for which I only have handwritten music, some good, some really bad. I’m in principle ready with the engraving but the harp music bothers me a little,

Now to the current challenge. For some 35 measures, a specific pattern is noted which I entered in a kind of simplified manner but after having checked with our harpists, they would prefer the handwritten way of notation.

The question, how can this be achieved? I've tried a few options, but none successful so far.

This is the handwritten score

This is what I’ve achieved so far


In theory it should just be a matter of moving the notes to the proper staves using Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down, then adding the necessary clef changes. In practice, clef changes are tricky with cross staff notation, Assuming this was all entered onto the top staff, you may need to add dummy rests to the bottom staff and attach clefs to them. If you continue to have trouble, please attach the score itself instead of just pictures.

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Thanks Marc, massive it will not be necessary to implement the complex engraving after a reply from the two other harpists yesterday. Their argument was that it's up to the
after the reply from two of the harpist yesterday with the argument, it's up to the one who plays who decided how it's played if there aren't any very specific reasons to play it in a certain way. I don't play harp myself so I cannot judge.

I'm finishing the piece for which we need 3 harpists and then we sit down and discuss if they are happy or not.

A suggestion. In Lilypond there exist a snippet repository which include "mini" examples how to solve very specific engraving issues. This is on top of the handbook. Wouldn't that be something that could be introduced for MS as well.

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Ok, I'll see what I can achieve and start with collecting ideas myself first.
The Lilypond Snippet Repository (LSR) can be found here https://lsr.di.unimi.it/LSR/Search and includes, among others, an advanced search engine.
Overall, there are, as far as I can see, at least three challenges for me:
1) I've been following MS about a year now having engraved only 3 larger orchestra pieces the last 3-4 months so I'm still a beginner.
2) Lilypond "code" are just a text snippets and maybe an image. This can be C&P from the repository and immediately used. If there are images included, you can just click the image and the code is copied. For MS, you would probably need to include a MS file for each "snippet" to make it useful.
3) You cannot just upload your own snippet to the repository. There is a review and clearing of the code idea first by an expert team.

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