What is the "Load XML" option used for when selecting a custom chord style?

• Feb 20, 2024 - 19:27

When you specify a custom chord style, there is an option to tick named: Load XML.

I would like to know what this option is used for. The handbook does not give much information on that.

I assumed it was loading and applying my custom chords style file to my existing score, but that does not seem to be the case.


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But that does not seem to required to make my custom chord style file work.
Here the steps I perform:
- Start a new score
- Open Format->Style->Chord sysmbols
- Select custom and browse to my custom chord style file and click Open
- Click OK to close the style dialog
- Start entering chords, this is now using the new/custom style

My custom style file is a copy of the chords_std.xml with 1 chord added at the end to do custom rendering for the t7 combination, so that it just shows a triangle instead of a triangle + 7.

Maybe it does not make much difference in this case, as the standard and custom file are almost equal?
But I don't see any other effect of the "Load XML" option.

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