Slurring notes from the end of one staff to the next?

• Feb 21, 2024 - 01:34

Please, in the 'snip' below, how do I insert a slur from the first quaver (8th note) in bar (measure) 55 ...the last on the staff, to the minum (half note) in bar 56? Again, from first of four quavers in bar 62 to the crotchet in bar 63?
Can you spell out the method as to how thiscould be done for a not so tech-savvy senior?
Thank you in anticipation for any help.


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Thank you for your response.
I have read the directions and can apply slurs but I want to know how to apply a slur to reach beyond the end of notes in the last bar (measure) of one stave and onto notes in the next bar (measure) at the the beginning of the next stave underneath, i.e. in the next line of the single line score.
Did you read my detailed question and look at the snip/file I posted?
In example below, I want a slur from the first note in bar 55 to the last note in bar 56 and a slur from he first note in bar 62 to the first note of bar 63.

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Thank you HildeK,
I followed your instructions and it worked...eventually!!
At first I kept the shift key down while pressing "S" and got little staccato dots over the notes.
Then I tried releasing the Shift key before pressing "S" and it worked!! I could then adjust the slur using the little 'boxes'so it looked 'better' on the score.
I hope I remember this method when I need to use it again!
Thank you so much Hilde,

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Yes, the capital "S" is used to create the staccato dot. The small "S" creates the slur.
Have a look at the list of shortcuts in Edit -> Preferences and memorize some of the important ones.

And marking a start point and, together with Shift, the end point of an area is also used in many other programs if you want to use the mouse.
You can also use Shift and an arrow key to mark an area.

But you figured it out yourself! :-)

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