Free Trial Subscription/Cancel Subscription

• Feb 21, 2024 - 16:49

I thought I was signing up for a free trial and realized after I had submitted my card, they charged me for an annual subscription. Within minutes I contacted customer service to ask if there was a possibility for a refund. They refunded me 30.00 of 40.00 the next day. They explained that I didn’t meet the criteria to receive a full refund, which in section 4.1, bullet #3 of their policy, I do meet the requirements because it was based on my “usage” that they would deem how much of a refund I would receive. I explained to “George from MuseScore” that I was indeed subjected to a full refund because I didn’t use the subscription and realized within minutes that I was charged for a subscription that I did want. They haven’t refunded the $10 I’m owed. I was tricked when signing up because they have ALL these pop up windows that make it seem like you’re signing up for the free trial, but in fact, they confuse you so you click on signing up annually. DO NOT USE MUSESCORE. THEY ARE SHADY AND HAVE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU. I never leave bad reviews but this one deserves it.


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