Changing name of instrument only affects main score

• Feb 22, 2024 - 15:25

(Using Version In a multi-part score, if I change the name of any instrument in Instruments>Settings, the new name is correctly shown on a PDF of the main score. However, the individual parts still show the original name of the instrument, not the name to which it was changed. See the attached example "Export>PDF" with main score and 4 parts selected and "All parts combined in one file". How can I get all the individual parts to update? This issue persists if I close and reopen the file.

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The name in the top left of the part is taken from the Part Name. Parts may include more than one instrument and may have names that are not even an instrument at all e.g. "Strings" or "Brass" and therefore are not tied to instrument names. You can edit the Part Name by opening the parts menu and clicking on the three dots against the current Part Name.


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I see. There is one place to change the name of an instrument on the main score and another place to change the name of an instrument on the individual parts. In my opinion, it would be nice and less confusing if these two name change features were together - for example, something like this: nmchg.png

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I followed the steps above to rename a part. After doing so, the list of parts showed the updated name. I then saved the file to disk. I then closed and reopened the musescore file, and the part name is reverted to the old name (part name change was never saved). How do I get the part name change to "stick"? Attaching the musescore file where I had this problem - I changed all four of the part names and after saving, closing, and reopening the file, none of the renamed part names persisted.

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Yes, that is the work-around - if I hit open all, then the part name changes stick. Interestingly, after doing that, I can change part names again and they will stick WITHOUT having to open all parts. I tried to do a screen recording of the failure to save part names, but the graphics for some menus do not appear on the recording so it is useless.

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