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• Feb 23, 2024 - 20:49

I'm using version 3.6. and having trouble with parts creation in a Big Band format. When I first made parts the Drum was missing so I made them again. And now I have doubled up on parts and Drum is still missing.
1. How do I get the drum part?
2 Is it possible to delete the doubled up parts?

Thank you

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El Bodeguero.mscz 429.46 KB


When I opened your score, it displayed this message:
"Measure 75, staff 5 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 13/8"

So, I fixed the error, deleted all the parts, and re-generated them (includes drums):
El Bodeguero2.mscz

BTW: You ought to correct the very confusing instrument names you have for the first staves - so that the names match the actual instruments that are sounding in the mixer.

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