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• Feb 25, 2024 - 22:53

I've recently decided to finally start using MU4 instead of MU3, and it's been taking a lot of adjustment--but nothing I can't handle. The ability to load VSTs is game-changing (and the main reason I've decided to finally upgrade). However, one issue that I can't find any solution is on how to change the part name. In MU3's "Staff/Part properties" you could change the part name from there and it would update the instrument's name in the mixer (an absolute necessity with the way I used MU3) or you could change it in the Mixer itself. However, neither of these options work in MU4, so I was wondering how it was done in the new version.

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So "Part Name" refers to something unrelated in MU4 than it did in MU3, so "Part Name" is not a term that has anything to do with my problem anymore. The mixer now uses "Instrument Name," but "Instrument Name" is not editable. So how do I edit "Instrument Name?"

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I think that you could (emphasise "could") do this by editing the trackname for the instrument in the Instruments.xml file which lives in Musescore4/instrument folder. I have not done this myself but It should go something like this. To get Flute 1 and Flute 2 to show in the mixer you would need to add new entries with the desired new names by copying the existing Flute entry in the file and then changing the trackname in the new entries to whatever you want to appear in the mixer. Make a backup first And good luck!

See here for more information on editing the instruments.xml file.

There is a github issue requesting more a simple renaming method


A bit more that I should have added.

After editing the instruments.xml file the newly named instruments should appear in the list of instruments available in the Add Instruments dialogue. You would need to select them there when setting up the score.

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