Tap to set tempo (and proper tempo slider)

• Feb 27, 2024 - 01:17

I don't know if this feature exists but if it does i can't find it - I think it should be either in the tempo palette or up in the top right with the tempo info. Ideally I could hover over the tempo indicator in the "playback controls" toolbar and it would pop up with a slider and a tap to set option side by side.

I have discovered the additional functionality of this toolbar once you pop it out, allowing the tempo percentage during playback to be altered, but it took a hot minute to figure it out. I'm not really sure why it's a percentage rather than giving me a slider to just set the tempo and then it being overridden once I drop in a tempo marker. Seems easy to accidentally leave the percentage modifier in especially once you dock the toolbar back in place where you can't see it - and then adjusting the tempo incorrectly later on to compensate.

This might not be that big of an issue for composing but as I use Musescore mostly for transcribing it has become a real annoyance for me. It would be so much nicer to just tap along to the song on Spotify and get straight into the project.


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