Auto-merge on the Conductor's score

• Feb 29, 2024 - 00:11

That's a feature that can be found in Dorico and I really hope Musescore implements it someday. In an orchestral setting in which I have 2 clarinets, for example, I'll write two separate lines, one for each clarinet. But in many passages, those two clarinets will play in unison, sometimes they will play the same rhythm, but with different notes, and sometimes they will play completely different lines. In a master score, the two clarinets will normally be notated on a single staff. But if the play unison, there will be only one melodic line notated, with an "a 2" written above. If they play different notes, but the same rhythm, the lines will share the stems. And if they play completely different lines, they will be notated on the same staff, on different voices (unless they are really different).

When I'm composing, I will write each clarinet on its own staff. The feature I'm suggesting is merging those two staves automatically the same way Dorico does. The software understands those differences I mentioned above and merges the lines in the appropriate way. It would save so much time when composing for big ensambles like a Symphonic Orchestra.

Thank you for reading!

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