Key Signature Doesn't translate correctly to the Bass Clef

• Mar 1, 2024 - 04:13

I created a new custom Key Signature using the Master Palette.
When applied to the Treble Clef it looks as it should BUT it does not adjust the note references properly for the Bass Clef.

Image attached.

Revision: 3224f34

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Screenshot from 2024-03-01 15-09-03.png 146.99 KB


Why have you created your own key signature?

Simply apply the key of B flat major to the measure (104). And under "Format -> Style -> Accidentals / ♮ in the key signature", set the option "Before the key signature if you change to fewer # or b" to show also the ♮.

"Note: The treble clef is only decorative—custom key signatures for any type of staff can be created here." and "If a transposition is needed, or where there is a clef change, you will need to create a new custom key signature."

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