Help with formatting

• Mar 1, 2024 - 05:23

I have 1 bar where the first beat appears halfway across the stave and can't drag the notes back to the clefs. How do I format that particular bar? I have tired all the 'stretch' options. The score has decided to do this itself as all the other bars are correctly spaced and set out with the final bar ending at the end of the last page. See bar 14 in the attached files.

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Musescore error.png 37.31 KB
OCEANS.mscz 22.19 KB


Possibly the leading space on one of the notes has been inadvertently increased. However, with just s picture it's impossible to tell if that is a correct diagnosis or if so, which note it applies to.

For more detailed help please attach the scire (the.mscz file) so that someone csn investigate further.

What's that A chord doing sneaking away up there? Snag it and press [Ctrl] R. In fact, best to select the whole measure and press [Ctrl] R as I see that the half-bar rest is also out of position.

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