Hej! I've been wondering how you can add a staff in one part of the whole song, like I accidentally did shown in the picture at measure 23 How did I do this?

• Mar 3, 2024 - 17:13
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Wow! thanks for the precocious answer!

I guess I wasn't clear with what I'm asking for- I want to recreate the "mistake" I did but don't know how.

What I can remember is that i was clicking around at Staff/Properties and split staff when marking a measure/note and the the next day I got it the way I wanted.

How do I recreate that?

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When the Hide empty staves within systems option is enabled, the any stave that has no notes in a given system will not display. Disable that setting to see the entire staff, whether it has notes or not. You have to have it visible to add notes to it. Once all the notes you want are entered into this second staff, enable the option and you'll only see that second staff where it has notes. But the staff must exist for the entire piece.

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