Xml transfert rests problem

• Mar 4, 2024 - 08:33

Hello everyone,
I am very happy to move from Notion to Musescore, I am working on all my opuses by transferring them from one to the other, however, I noticed a small problem during the import, the rests are not centered , and I have to undo the measurements to get everything centered, which takes a lot of time. what would be the parade?

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The difference is that the centered rest is simply an empty measure, the left-aligned rest is a written whole rest.

If you select the measure that contains the left-aligned rest and press Delete, it will be centered. This can be tedious if you have multiple distributed measures with this problem because you have to select each one.

The other option is more complex, but only makes sense if you only use voice 1, as otherwise some of the required pauses from voice 2 (or 3,4) will also be deleted:

  • Select all, exchange voice 1 & 2
  • Select all rests (select all similar elements) and delete - only the rests of voice 2 will be deleted. These are the non-centered.
  • Exchange voice 1 & 2 again
  • Select all rests again and delete them.

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