Score Measure Limitation

• Mar 5, 2024 - 05:21

I composed an orchestral score, but it is not letting me go past measure 44. I purchased MuseScore Pro thinking that would eliminate the 44 measure limitation, but it is still not allowing anymore measures. Am I missing something, or is that a know feature of MuseScore?


Can you give more info on what you mean by 'not letting me'?
What happens when you do "Append measure", from the menu or by the shortcut ?
Just nothing happens ? Error message ?
If nothing seems to happen, are you sure the measures are not added on the next page ?

Definitely no limit on measures. I have the free version and I regularly create and work in scores with hundreds of measures. Just created a new one today for one of the Beethoven Piano Sonatas that I gave 240 measures as a starting point. shrug

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